ITV Awarded Outstanding Lifestyle/Health Program Award

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The Gracies Luncheon and a list of winner

Information Television Network Network Awarded Outstanding Lifestyle/Health Program Award on 40th Anniversary Gracies Luncheon

New York City— The Gracies Luncheon — Yesterday, June 22, 2015, at the [Annual Gracies Award Luncheon in New York City, New York], Information Television Network was awarded the Outstanding Lifestyle/Health Program award at the 40th Annual Gracies Luncheon for its production of Learning About Advanced Breast Cancer. At the Hilton Midtown in New York City, 61 total Gracies were awarded to honorees across the county and from many different media outlets.

Learning About Advanced Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is divided into five main stages, 0 through IV. These stages are usually based on the size of the tumor, the number of lymph nodes involved, and how much the cancer has spread. When breast cancer spreads, or becomes worse over time, it can lead to an advanced stage. Advanced breast cancer includes the most serious of the five stages, creating different needs and challenges than patients with early stages of this disease, making patient care extremely important. In this program, we have explored the study of advanced breast cancer; met some of the country’s leading researchers in the field, and spend time with patients who live life to the fullest while dealing with the difficulties surrounding this disease.

The Gracies Luncheon and a list of winner

The Gracies Awards honor the best in media by, for and about women. The Alliance for Women in Media Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Alliance for Women in Media. Supporting educational programs, charitable activities, public service campaigns and scholarships to benefit the public, the media and allied fields are all missions set out to be accomplished by the Alliance for Women in the Media.

In addition to awarding those deserving of outstanding production material aimed at empowering and celebrating women in media the Gracies press release on June 24, 2015 outline three special scholarships. “The Gracies Luncheon is also a platform to award three scholarships. Two $2,500 scholarships were presented from the Ford Motor Company Fund and Alliance for Women in Media Foundation “Emerging Voices” program. The winning students will write original content to be featured on the AWM website during the upcoming months”.

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